Digital training

we improve skills and develop culture

  • Planning digital culture change
  • Productivity and collaboration tools
  • LinkedIn Training
  • Marketing strategy and planning
  • Building and maintaining websites
  • Google Drive
  • SEO
  • Building digital into marketing activities
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China - UK Partnerships

supporting china-uk business and education development

  • Recruitment of teachers into China
  • Group travel English language with Arts, Sport, Business and Leadership
  • Teacher training for Chinese in China and the UK
  • Support for businesses in the UK and China
  • Speakers for conferences and training in China
  • Document translation service
  • And bespoke services...
Event Management Systems

strategy, Tools, finance planning, Marketing, raising sponsorship

We produce events like this -, and can help to take the stress out of the management process, helping you to develop strategies in:


  • Timetabling & automation
  • Curation & networks
  • Ticketing and sales strategy
  • Sponsorship advice
  • Systems
  • Logistics and production
Marketing for education

Raise profile - recruit students - Recruit teachers - engage communities - Crisis Management

  • PR & Crisis Management support
  • Strategic planning
  • Activating networks
  • Community and parental engagement
  • Effective use of social media
  • Crisis management & PR support 
  • The power of partnerships
  • Cost efficiency strategies

How we work

Complex to simple in as few steps as you need
  • Have a chat

    A bit of a chat by phone to filter out what you need. We can do Skype, Zoom, WeChat, Whatsapp, Viber, Hangouts, email or Facebook! Or, just use our Chat Bot.

  • Have a think

    Take a bit of time to think about whether we're right for you - and how we might be able to develop a partnership

  • Make a decision

    Arguably the hardest part - the decision making. If it's a green light, let's boil it down to some simple deliverables - then let's get it moving!

What people say

A reputation built on feedback, experience and collaboration

We have been developing relationships and projects between Australia, USA, UK and China for 20 years. The advice, support and education programmes with Real World Education have been some of our very best!

Mike, Website Director, Norfolk

We needed some advice to help us consolidate our IT systems for event management and general collaboration across the organisation. We were very pleased with the holistic approach - empowering us to move forwards rather than creating dependency on the service.

James, Head of Training Skills, Catering business, Ipswich

Event management wasn't something hadn't looked at when trying to create efficiencies. It was really useful to reflect on the way we ran our event systems and make small changes for big impact.

Nigel, Headteacher, Suffolk

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