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Web for Learning & Events

Online Course Building Software, Video Hosting, Conferencing & Support for Blended Learning pedagogy & policy

Project Leadership & Management

We support or lead short or long term projects in almost all aspects of education & training. If we can't do it, we'll find you someone who can!

Web for Engagement & Collaboration

Improving brand and image with a beautiful web presence & engagement tools - from events, web design, brand alignment, networking platforms, listings, inventory, CRM and more...

Outsourced yet Integrated

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'Training like Teaching'

Differentiated training, focused on the learners needs - as teachers do with students. We supercharge skills in Productivity tools, WordPress, Google Workspace, LinkedIn, Tech for teaching, Webinar, Presentation, Communications and more...

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FITTT Communications

FITTT (Frequency, Intensity, Time, Timing & Type) is a unique model for evaluating and developing policy & cultures for more efficiency & wellbeing-led communications within and across organisations. Increasing harmony, reducing stress and conflict and faster, more focused outcomes...

China and English students

China-UK Education

Recruiting UK teachers to China, Sister School Partnerships and project support for organisations working in the Chinese context are part of our education background and culture, having worked in this field for more than 15 years. We can support schools or organisations looking to achieve more with their China-UK strategy

What is edlink. Connect?

edlink. Connect is our extremely powerful, customizable events and networking system consultancy that empowers organisations to connect people, teams and organisations together, and run events using their existing webinar software, or using our native solutions. The platform is modular, so you can choose any combination of tools you need to empower communications that suit your ethos, values and policy. The edlink connect system can seamlessly align with your brand, and either form part of an existing website ecoysystem, or be fully integrated into a new web build. We provide support to help you or your staff run events or get people connecting with each other - or, we can provide the support needed to effectively & efficienctly curate speakers, compering and schedules for events.

What is WebHubs?

WebHubs is our sister site, specifically assigned to the development of communications focused website hubs, web technology ecosystems, and the education-immersed support and project management needed to develop high quality web solutions.

Appointment Booking
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Enable individual or multiple appointment bookings based on availability on a linked Calendar.
Ticketing Integration
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We can integrate existing ticket and event systems such as Evenbrite, or we'll create your own white label system
Google Classroom
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Various ways to embed Google Classroom for easy access and intuitive use, without leaving your site
API DevelopmentApplication Programming Interface
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We can create an API for your website enabling other sites to communicate with yours
Webinar Integration
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Display Webinars from your web pages, integrated with booking systems or as standalone pages.
Search Inside Video
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Search for a spoken word or phrase inside a video with our cutting edge SIV integration
Video Hosting
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White label video hosting (including superb new feature to search inside videos!)
Events Websites
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Full events website design, or separate system that embeds into your existing site, enabling powerful event management features.
Mail Tracking
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Enable email tracking, so you can see who has opened your emails and from where.
Email Marketing Integration
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Powerful mailing system, directly from your website - drag n drop message composer, delivery & engagement statistics & more...
Gmail Integration
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Link up your website with Gmail, so all communications from your site are piped through your Gmail account
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Enable people to contact you via WhatsApp or WhatsApp for Business - right from your website
Subsites & Subdomains
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We can create sites that sit alongside or under your existing site, aligning brand and using new domain names or subdomains
Calendar Integrations
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Calendars and Appointment Booking Systems embedded within your site, enabling remote control and realtime updating
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Google Map integration allows you to add maps to any area on your site
Payment Processors
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Seamless payment systems with Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal and many more...

Skills Training

Empower your own staff...

Human Focused Digital Project Support

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Expert consultant teams to meet all education challenges


Bespoke, highly functional web solutions


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