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Simply put, we support education and business to raise standards, drive innovation and improve lives. These are our flagship services, but we're able to help with pretty much any aspect of education and training, and if we can't, we'll find you someone who can.
China school exchange

We offer unique China-UK school exchange programmes, recruitment of teachers and sports coaches as well as strategic and on-the-ground consultancy. We will soon be launching a new partnership between Real World Education and VEC (Verbaledu Education China) to place interns in Chinese schools, ready to help support.

Support for businesses working with China

“We got so far down the line and thought we had cracked….then it all fell apart!”. A familiar story for small to medium sized enterprise. We help people get on track, back on track or just get started, with a focus on culture and communications – what is really meant by “X” when they’re really actually saying “Y”; and what you need to know about culture and technology to forge lasting, secure partnerships with Chinese people.

Teach in china

A fantastic opportunity to travel, supercharge your CV and most importantly, make a difference to young people’s lives. We link you with a Chinese agency who specialise in placing interns in China. They have a specific focus on English oral language skills which fits together very nicely with our SpeechCraft training programmes we’re developing in collaboration with Chinese English teachers in Shanghai.

China focused lectures and workshops

Our founder and Director, Rob Walden has more than 15 years experience in working with China as a teacher, a British Council Ambassador and a businessman – from school-to-school exchange, teaching, leadership, training, business, marketing, recruitment and use of technology. A former Assistant Headteacher, Rob can deliver anything from a simple, one-off assembly (free of charge) to full lectures and workshops at university level.

LinkedIn for Students

400 members in 200 countries, 40 million students or recent graduates and a signup rate of 2 per second – LinkedIn is the fastest developing online business network in the world. Can you afford not to understand it? And, can you afford not to be on it? With more and more employers and education institutions scanning LinkedIn profiles of prospective candidates, it’s really become more of a ‘must’ than a ‘may do’.

Marketing for education organisations

Marketing your educational offer is no longer an option, and it’s a badly misunderstood area. Marketing is MORE than just a rolling cycle of websites, press releases and leaflets. REAL marketing is borne of deep insight, and emotionally connects your provision with the people who need it. We help you understand it, plan it and make it happen.

International Festival of Learning

The International Festival of Learning is more than just a one-off festival…it’s a movement of interconnected educators and businesses, aligned with the same mission. Founded in 2016 with a successful pilot involving more than 1200 delegates, the festival has grown in size and status – and now commands one of the top spots in the UK education calendar.

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