We Combine Education Experience With Website Technology

More than 20 years in teaching and education leadership helps us to empathise, and to rapidly understand your aims, for sharper, more intuitive outcomes.

We’re uniquely part of an education consultancy that’s continually immersed in schools, colleges, universities, charities, businesses and associations at all levels – from the individual student to the highest level of strategy. This means we can support you intuitively and relationally through all aspects of development – without the need to be fed every minor detail in order to progress. Our sector knowledge & experience seamlessly permeates our web systems design, meaning we can understand your needs rapidly and contextually for more efficient, more impactful outcomes.

Education Powers The World

We Treat Education With The Professional Respect And Relational Attention It Deserves - For More Credible, Intuitive Outcomes​

We Make Complex Feel Simple, in a Complicated World

Mark Twain once Said “I didn't have time to write you a short letter, so I wrote you a long one.” distilling an organisation's values, aims and elements is a complex, rigoruous process of refinement, which is why we keep this mantra close to our hearts

Our understanding of human engagement in education and business context brings a unique perspective on how to centralise and distill large volumes of information into consumable, shareable formats – and ultimately provide the website technology to keep on top of it all.

Demystifying, Integrating & Centralising

People often see websites as a separate entity from their other communications & Productivity Channels - but - creating or Integrating Tools and systems with your website can really help to supercharge efficiency and wellbeing.

...a quick fly through how we can help

Website Technology

Training & Consultancy

Marketing & Communications

Led by our Values

An ethos of personalisation, efficiency & partnership

Trust, transparency and relational communications are at the heart of how we work, as we aim to reflect your organisation's character, identity and functional needs

We're 'on our toes'... involved in education at all levels

Developed by humans, powered by technology, built on relationships

'Beautiful Productivity' - a laser like focus on efficiency & wellbeing

Where Are You On Your Journey?

Is this you?

“Looking to the stars”

You’re keen to get moving, but pretty unclear about what’s possible, how to get started and how much it’s likely to cost. You know you need ‘something’ and you’re aware of some goals you want to meet, but you’re not yet sure what the website or system should look like, feel and do to help. You’re thinking that the website development process might even help to consolidate a range of things in engagement, marketing, productivity or event management. And, you might even be a bit confused about why costs vary so wildly between different companies and options.

Is this you?

Is this you?

“Fuelling up”

You know roughly what you want to achieve, but you think this will evolve and clarify even more as you progress through the development process. You’ve seen (or heard about) some cool things that websites can do these days (other than look pretty!), and you’ve got a brand you want to provide a center piece for. You might also be curious as to what else can be achieved and could do with a contextual chat to consolidate how to get the best possible, spangly new website!

Is this you?

Is this you?

“Ready for takeoff!”

You’re clear about what you want to achieve; you know what a website could do for you, and you’re keen to get going, but you need a bit of input, challenge and analysis to help plan the structure, supercharge some key features and bring it alive.

Is this you?

Is this you?

“Firing on all cylinders!”

Sometimes it’s as simple as this…You really know what you want the website to achieve, you’re clear about colour scheme and functionality, and you know how you want it to look… you’re pretty much good to go! The only thing you need is for us to get cracking and deliver an awesome, enviable new website. 

Is this you?

How We Work

We’ve seen companies vastly inflate prices for clients because clients understandably don’t know different, or think that a powerful web presence is only the realm of the big marketing companies. We think differently about price – by understanding your context and supporting your needs.

You’ll probably be somewhere on a three dimensional scale between 1) knowing exactly what functions you need, and what you want it to look like 2) having ideas but low technical knowledge, and 3) not having a clue! This is where we listen and help you to get into ‘bracket one’

Knowledge and experience in teaching, learning and education strategy helps us to visualise what a website or platform should be able to look like, feel like and do. We can usually shape text that makes sense, assign pictures or video that fit your context – or draw existing information across with accuracy and nuance.

Our whole ethos is to enable you to own your webtech. We won’t tie you into crippling fees that don’t reflect the amount of upkeep your site needs and we aim to ensure you have the tools you need to manage as much as you wish for yourself. Of course, if you want us to do more, we can do more, but we’ll never push. We believe that people come to us when they need, and don’t need a pushy sales person eroding the relationship

Grab a Chat?

I take the view that every conversation useful when you're passionate about something. I'm passionate about education and web technology and have been since the dawn of the commercial internet some 20 years ago when I built my first website - TeachPE.com which included a suite of interactive Physical Education quizzes I built to support my GCSE PE students (using a now obsolete, but brilliant programme called Hot Potatoes). The technology has changed since then - but actually, many of the needs are the same as they always were. The thirst for interactivy for learning and functionality to make stuff more efficient has always been there. We now just have the tech to make things faster, slicker, more interactive and better looking (sadly unlike me I'm told!).
So, I'm excited to be carrying on the legacy with WebHubs - an affordable, bespoke web technology and marketing consultancy that embraces modern technology with perennially relevant education pedagogy. My view is that no conversation is ever a wasted for me to learn something or find something interesting! So, no pressure or slick sales talk - you have my word! 🙂
Rob Walden
Founder, Real World Education