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For workforce or students

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  • Create a company or school page
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Optimise profile text
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online learning

More than 5,000 courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform

Recruitment of teachers into China

  • Learn through video and livestream
  • Learn through online quizzes, documents and Q&A with experts
  • Learning soft skills as well as knowledge
  • Learning IT skills
  • Learning for staff and students
  • And much more...
Habits and Needs

Focusing in on you as an individual

  • Cut through to what works
  • Rapidly navigate to the bits you need
  • Discovering the bits you didn't know exist
  • Tailoring use to what you need
  • Understanding the LinkedIn culture
  • Understanding other people's use and how to respond
  • Avoid wasting time / optimise what you're trying to achieve

using LinkedIn Recruiter

  • Strategic planning
  • Empowering your advocates
  • Community and parental engagement
  • Effective use of social media
  • Public Relations
  • Crisis management PR training and support
  • The power of partnerships
  • Cost efficiency strategies
online networking skills

Networking is different online...

  • Make the best of the word limits
  • Style of language
  • Following up
  • Use of cultural language
  • What to tend to / what to avoid
  • Patterns of LinkedIn use
  • Capitalising on comments
  • The LCT - the 'lengthy chat trap'

How we work

Complex to simple in as few steps as you need
  • Have a chat

    A bit of a chat by phone to filter out what you need. We can do Skype, Zoom, WeChat, Whatsapp, Viber, Hangouts, email or Facebook!

  • Have a think

    Take a bit of time to think about whether we're right for you - and how we might be able to develop a partnership

  • Make a decision

    Arguably the hardest part - the decision making. If it's a green light, let's boil it down to some simple deliverables - then let's get it moving!

What people say

A reputation built on feedback, experience and collaboration

We have been developing relationships and projects between Australia, USA, UK and China for 20 years. The advice, support and education programmes with Real World Education have been some of our very best!

We needed some advice to help us consolidate our IT systems for event management and general collaboration across the organisation. We were very pleased with the holistic approach - empowering us to move forwards rather than creating dependency on the service.

Event management wasn't something hadn't reviewed. We always did it the 'old school way'. It was extremely useful to transform our modus operandi and cost efficiency with an updated strategy and increased collaboration using online tools.

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