UK-China Cultural Exchange

Real World Education

Short Experiences in the UK

From 7 to 30 days

culture and history visits

  • London - Tourist attractions
  • Cambridge - River trip, Zu Zhimo poet Statue, Shopping
  • Oxford - College visit and Shopping
  • Other cities such as Norwich, Bath, York, Stratford Upon Avon, Lincoln, Edinburgh

Teamwork and Communication Skills

  • Develop the skills of how to work with other people in teams
  • Discover how different teams work well together
  • Improve understanding of how teams are important in business

Oral English for Confidence Building

  • Special activities that develop confidence
  • Oral English - Oracy and speaking skills
  • Public speaking - learning to be confidence when talking to groups
  • Team skills
  • Discussion skills
  • Pronunciation skills

Bespoke Tours: Build Your Own Group Tour

Build your own programme from a combination of activities

  • Sports: Cricket, Football, Rugby
  • Performing Arts: Singing, Dance, Song-writing, Stage-craft
  • University visits: University of East Anglia, Edinburgh University, University of Suffolk, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford
  • Martial Arts: Kickboxing, Kung-Fu, Karate etc.
  • Horse Riding
Cultural activities
  • Etiquette: using knife and fork, how to dress, sitting positions, manners and traditions, afternoon tea
Confidence and Speaking Skills
  • Public speaking and Oracy lessons
  • Pronunciation lessons
  • Discussion skills lessons

English language

  • English language teaching (1) with European students, or (2) Chinese students only
  • Learn English using active, practical teaching activities


  • Historic, small town visits
  • Optional visit to Bicester Village
  • London, Cambridge, Oxford

Specialist Programmes

From 7 to 30 days

Go to school with UK students

A one week, ten day or 14 day experience for Chinese students who wish to experience a boarding school in the UK.
You will spend your time with English students, live in the dormitories and be looked after very well by the school teaching staff.

One Week School Experience and London visit (Available between September and July)


 - One Week (four or five days) Immersion into a UK Private Boarding School

 - One day London visit

Two week programme (Available between October and June)

  • One Week (up to seven days) in a UK Private Boarding School
  • One week (up to six or seven days) of fun activities to develop language, teamwork, leadership and communication, plus trips to London, Cambridge, Oxford
  • Travel takes three days (one day to fly from China to the UK and two days to fly from China to the UK (due to time difference)
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football reuse 6
4 corners model

Football Camp

Based on the English Football Association Four Corners Model
  1. Technical (Ball skills, Practice, Group play)
  2. Psychological (Knowledge, Decision making, Confidence)
  3. Physical (Coordination, Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, Speed)
  4. Social (Communication, Teamwork, Self-worth)
  • Train with English students
  • Coached by English football coaches
  • Learn Oral English language through football
  • Nutrition (what to eat for football)
  • Physical fitness (how to train for football)

Music Performance Tour for groups

  • Perform in English schools and theatres
  • Music workshops - playing with English students
  • Cultural visits (example: Oxford, Cambridge, London)
  • Improve Oral English language

Sister school partnerships

China-UK School to School Relationships

  • Special relationships nurtured between UK and Chinese Schools
  • Spending time together - student to student
  • Keeping in contact between visits

UK Speakers for Conferences

We can provide UK speakers for Chinese Conferences and advise on education and business content for conferences

How british business works

  • The mechanisms, philosophy and culture of UK small business
  • The different types of business (Partnerships, Ltd Companies etc.)

Vocational Education

  • Knowledge of the vocational qualifications
  • Types of assessment
  • Strengths and weaknesses of vocational qualifications

College and University

  • Immigration laws for schools, colleges and universities
  • Criteria for entry to university
  • Courses available and how to apply for College (16 to 18)
  • Courses available and how to apply for University (18 upwards)

British Education System

  • How the UK education system works
  • Routes through UK education from Kindergarten to University
  • Roles and responsibilities of government, nong-government organisations and private companies
  • Differences between Private and Public schools
  • Exam systems and exam boards (organisations)

Teacher training

Training In China for your organisation or in the UK with university accredited trainers
  • Early Years (Kindergarten) training
  • School Physical Education training
  • Sports Coach training
  • Leadership training
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