Real World Education

China Education Training and Business Support

Developing Education and business between China and the UK

UK Speakers and support for Conferences

We can provide UK speakers for Chinese Conferences and advise on education and business content for conferences

How british business works

  • The mechanisms, philosophy and culture of UK small business
  • The different types of business (Partnerships, Ltd Companies etc.)

Vocational Education

  • Knowledge of the vocational qualifications
  • Types of assessment
  • Strengths and weaknesses of vocational qualifications

College and University

  • Immigration laws for schools, colleges and universities
  • Criteria for entry to university
  • Courses available and how to apply for College (16 to 18)
  • Courses available and how to apply for University (18 upwards)

British Education System

  • How the UK education system works
  • Routes through UK education from Kindergarten to University
  • Roles and responsibilities of government, nong-government organisations and private companies
  • Differences between Private and Public schools
  • Exam systems and exam boards (organisations)

Teacher training

Training In China for your organisation or in the UK with university accredited trainers
  • Early Years (Kindergarten) training
  • School Physical Education training
  • Sports Coach training
  • Leadership training

Business Support

We can support Chinese businesses to work with UK businesses
  • Leadership training / coaching - helping Chinese to work effectively with British
  • Marketing training  - understanding the UK market
  • Marketing strategy - designing a system with staff and resources to make an impact in the UK
  • Culture, habits and communications - learn how to effectively communicate with people from the UK
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