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About the founder

Rob Walden

Director, Real World Education

Rob's experience is underpinned by 25 years in education and business, and has held posts as a PE teacher, Assistant Headteacher, Partnership Manager, Marketer, and Business Director.


Now, Rob leads and connects a growing collective of people and businesses who share a common mission - to foster a long-term approach to education and business, and to optimise the interface between technology and uniquely human skills.


In his own words...

I feel fortunate to have been trusted with some special projects over the years - supporting and influencing education in the UK, China, Iraq and Rwanda in decentralised working environments and partnerships.

I'm humbled by the engagement I am lucky enough to have with some of the most influential people in education.

I am also a father of two boys, an avid sports fan and an amateur(ish) musician. This all 'makes me old but keeps me young!' 


Some of the experiences Rob draws upon to support the quest for Real World Education to provide the very best in strategy and implementation in business and education:


  • The use of technology to improve collaboration, workload and relationships
  • China-UK relations, troubleshooting and strategy
  • Community / education to business partnership development
  • Marketing strategy and implementation for education
  • Education focus
  • Leadership (staff leaders)
  • Developing student leadership (method)
  • Teaching and coaching method in Physical Education and Sport
  • Relational development and culture shift at organisation level


A snapshot of Rob's experience includes:

  • UK: teaching, student leadership, coaching, pastoral care, engagement of hard-to-reach students, partnership management
  • Iraq: education policy and active teaching method; improving cultural and religious relationships
  • Rwanda: empowering Rwandan teachers'​ leadership skills - supporting faster, deeper learning methods
  • China: school, company and government partnerships
  • Marketing and business consultancy for education, and people seeking to work with or set up business working with China
  • Large scale event leadership and management


our history

Real World Education was formed in 2015 Rob Walden, a former Assistant Headteacher, PE teacher and British Council Ambassador with 20 years in full time teaching, senior leadership and partnership development in schools and communities across Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.


In the first year of operation, RWEG was selected to curate and produce the International Festival of Learning by a group of education leaders led by Geoff Barton, (General Secretary, Association of School and College Leaders) and Dr Nikos Savvas (Principal, West Suffolk College and CEO, Suffolk Academies Trust), and a group of Suffolk headteachers, CEOs and Principals. The IFL is a honeypot of thought-leadership and CPD, originally a one day event based at the University Campus Suffolk (at the time, accredited to the University of East Anglia and the University of Essex), but soon expanding into a series of activities, connections and events that span the year in between the showpiece festival day.


in 2016, the IFL moved to West Suffolk College, an expanding, forward-thinking, outward-facing college in Bury St Edmunds - drawing together more than 1200 teachers, headteachers, CEOs, suport staff, lecturers and consultant specialists from all sectors, and creating a central hub for education and business professionals in the Eastern region of the UK.


Since its first incarnation, the IFL has delivered a cornucopia of more than 500 workshops, keynotes, demonstrations, teachmeets and installations - delivered to more than 3500 professionals by more than 400 contributors from virtually every area of education. Indeed, although the IFL hosts a one day festival event as its showpiece, the impact of the IFL network is felt across a whole year through mini-events, dinners, connections and referrals to support myriad education and training solutions.


Alongside the IFL, Real World Education continued to develop high-quality delivery of support and services based on what people want.

China focused services


Alongside the development of the IFL network, RWEG has developed a number of key services for schools, trusts and businesses that are delivered by a combination of in-house consultancy and tried and trusted partners.

Additionally, RWEG has at its core, four separate but interrelated services, including:

  • Recruitment of Western teachers to China
  • Support for recruitment companies in China (interview skills; Western mindset; managing and leading Western teachers; appealing to Western teachers etc.)
  • Provision of teacher training for Chinese education and business professionals in the UK and China
  • Sister-School China-UK Partnerships (relationships and cultural exchange between UK and Chinese schools)
  • Specialist, bespoke experiences for Chinese students and adults (e.g. The arts, football, oral English language)
  • Support for Chinese students aiming to apply for UK college and university places
  • Understanding Chinese technology (WeChat, Tencent, Cloud etc.)
  • Keynotes and workshops on Chinese culture
  • Chinese language - connecting with the British Council Mandarin Excellence programme
  • Leadership training for education professionals in China
  • Speakers for conferences

Digital Training and Solutions

For education and business

  • SEO How to (training to understand the process of search engine optimization)
  • Digital Resilience (for students and staff to upskill and develop approaches to online safety and promotion of responsible use of technology)
  • Auditing and Planning of Digital change at organisation or partnership level
  • Organisation level and one-to-one coaching on how to integrate digital and mobile collaboration and project management tools into cultural working practices (e.g. Trello, Sortd, Googl Drive, MS 365, MS Teams, Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, Screenshare, online learning etc.)
  • Working with our trusted partners, we can also provide fully integrated hardware and software solutions at scale or at individual levels
  • Website building - clean, effective websites to suit your style, productivity and engagement needs
  • Improving collaboration and monitoring using digital

Training, mentoring, coaching

Events and Marketing

Events solutions


  • Online systems to support efficiench, user-friendliness, productivity and financial saving
  • Event strategy and planning
  • Event development training and mentoring
  • Strategic integration of systems and services to support conferences events at all levels


Marketing solutions

  • Strategic planning
  • Execution of plan, or support for organisations to execute their own plans
  • Digital campaigns

Online Physical Education and Sports coaching


  • Coaching drills videos and descriptions
  • Quizzes to support GCSE and A-Level PE
  • Information on full range of Physical Education subject areas

Leading online injury prevention and rehab

The Virtual Sports Injury Clinic

  • Rehabilitation programmes for common injuries, delivered by high-level physiotherapists
  • Flowchart system for finding out more about potential injuries
  • Support information for injuries

Put simply, we aim to make things better!

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The way we work

Support - Innovation - Partnership - Trust
we work with a small number of select, tried and trusted consultants, trainers and companies to provide quality solutions to needs, problems or challenges across a range of areas. We listen - we learn - we support
Support - Innovation - Partnership - Trust

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Freel free to contact us by email [email protected], or through our contact form. We'll get back to you as soon as possible for a chat. There's never any pressure or sneaky sales tactics - just simple, focused, solution-oriented conversation.

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